Realizing this project wouldn’t be possible without our supporters. We are more than thankful for every single donation, because just any amount helps us boost our research progression.
For corporations we offer special sponsoring partnerships, where you get the benefit of using our advertising projections.
If you are interested in that, check out our packages below!

Please transfer your sponsorship contribution to the fund-raising account of the Interactive Media Systems Workgroup at the TU Vienna.
Account Holder: Technische Universität Wien
IBAN: AT72 1200 0514 2900 0401
Purpose: „GEV188FLY Spende“

Important! Please specify the purpose of your transaction exactly as mentioned above.
Afterwards send us a contact-e-mail with the transfer date to and we will willingly send you a donation confirmation.
Donations to research institutions such as the Vienna University of Technology are deductible.

1. Business Class Package
Sponsorship for a period of virtual flights.
Presentation of the sponsor in a 15x30cm area on the Jump Cube.
Virtual presentation of the sponsor’s name, logo and a 15 seconds dedication in the virtual world.
Mentioning of the sponsor in all TU publications of the project.
Price: 2.500 Euro.

2. First Class Package
All services of the business class package.
Presentation of the sponsor in a 25x50cm area on the Jump Cube and a 1x4cm area on the VR headset.
After project completion there will be a two-hour afternoon event for up to eight people with virtual reality flights, technical presentation and cake buffet.
Price: 5.000 Euro.

3. Pilot Cabin Package
Main sponsor of the entire Jump Cube project.
All services of the first class package. Workshop for 16 people. Presentation of the sponsor in a 50x100cm area on the Jump Cube and a 2x8cm area on the VR headset.
Exclusive slogan for the project by the main sponsor and presentation in the virtual world.
Price: 10.000 Euro.