You would like to experience Jump Cube yourself and discover how it feels to fly through virtual reality? You want to rent Jump Cube for an event and surprise your audience with something unique? You are looking for a customization to visialize your own content via Jump Cube? Then you are exactly right in this section!
We are constantly trying to improve and extend our research within this project. But we are depending on interested people like you to finance the pricey hardware that we need so urgently to take us further on our journey. So with your participation you not only get an amazing adventure out of it, you are also supporting the Jump Cube project.


For qroups with at least six participants we offer exclusive jump events, where you can complete a virtual parachute jump over the city center of Vienna.
Perfect as a highlight of your staff outing or a special birthday.
A detailed introduction will be followed by the actual jump which takes about 5 minutes. After everyone completed the jump you will be free to talk and inform yourself about the virtual jump simulator while enjoying some coffee and sweets.
The more people are accomplishing a jump, the more perceptions we can make in our research.
We would be happy to meet you in our lab!


We would be happy to showcase our virtual jump simulator at your event. Interested looks of fairgoers guaranteed. As you can see in the section Events we already successfully completed multible events where we always had well-frequented and happy participants. Jump Cube works for children as well as for people with every common type of bodyweight. The system is well tested and there wasn’t a single accident within the ~ 1000 previous jumps, neither did anyone suffer of significant motion sickness.
Setup, transport and execution will be taken over by our team. Feel free to perform a request where you can gather more specific informations!


Do you want go even one step further? Let us talk about customizing Jump Cube for you. Be that your own or adapted 3d content, or even a specific hardware control or request you have in mind. We are always looking for strong partners to create even further values besides the scientific approach.
Within “TU Jump Into The Future” we told the history of the TU Vienna while jumping from a plane in virtual reality. With moderation and fly-through pictures the topic got transported in a fun and interesting way while parachuting.
If you want your story to be told or you have a great idea, please use the request button below and send us a message!

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